Tom's Vision

We are best when we are united.

Arizonans share a hope and vision for our children’s future, the need for an economy that works for everyone, concern for our veterans, and an attachment to our natural resources and our unmatched scenic beauty. Tom wants to help make this hope and vision a reality.

Yet we face significant challenges.  To overcome these challenges, we must work together. Through problem solving, cooperation, and working across political lines, Tom believes important issues affecting America and Arizona can be resolved.

A government that truly serves the people needs to be managed efficiently, responsively, and with an eye towards the many issues facing a diverse constituency. We need to improve educational achievement, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and work towards a living wage so that families can stay together and prosper.

We will have differences along the way. We won’t always agree on the best way forward. But if we start talking to one another instead of pointing our fingers, we’ll realize that we can work together to solve the big problems facing our community and country. Our current crisis of leadership places America and Arizona at a competitive disadvantage. That means our daughters, sons, and grandchildren – Arizona’s future public servants, business leaders, and workers –will continue to suffer at the hands of a Congress that lacks the courage to put the people before party leaders and special interests.

We need a government that supports an economy that works for everyone, provides our children with a rich education while fostering improved workforce development, highlights the importance of our families, protects the rights of all our citizens, ensures our veterans’ are cared for, creates a fair and competitive tax structure, and ensures our infrastructure is developed cost effectively—all while protecting our nation and American way of life.

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress