We need to step up our state’s response to long-term water needs. The current drought has gripped the region for over 16 years. Our state is predicted to have a water imbalance within the next 25 to 50 years.  District 1 includes waters of the Colorado River system, which is projected to experience shortages soon—within 10 years. Even if the current drought dissipates, projected population growth in the Colorado River Basin and Arizona will have a profound impact on the water within the Colorado River Basin. Tom would bring to Congress a working knowledge of water issues throughout the Western United States.

Arizona, especially rural areas of the state, needs to be represented in Congress for all water planning efforts. Often, people today talk about water resources in terms of population use, which hurts rural Arizona because of its lower population. Tom would bring a clear voice in Congress for rural Arizona. He would reframe the conversation to focus on resource size and location, not just consideration of population use. This not only would benefit rural Arizona, but also makes sense from a resource management perspective.

Leadership: Water

Tom is a leader on water policy issues:

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress