There is no more sacred commitment than the one we have made with America’s veterans. We must take care of those who have fought for our freedom by ensuring that they have proper access to their veterans’ benefits, healthcare, and ensuring that we have programs to help with job placement and training.

The perpetual mismanagement of the VA hospitals around the country is unacceptable and has a detrimental impact to the health and well being of our veterans. This is not consistent with our values, and it is our obligation to ensure that the brave men and women who have served in our armed forces do not have to struggle to see their doctor. In many cases, the VA lacks the medical specialists to care for all the vets who need treatment. In these cases, veterans should be able to get the care they need outside the VA system, on the VA’s dime.

While in the Arizona State Legislature, Tom led a successful effort that doubled the number of benefit counselors in the state of Arizona. Tom’s commitment is to continue this fight as long as any veteran has to wait a day too long for care or is not being provided the benefits they earned.

In the House of Representatives, Tom has introduced legislation to clean up the VA, secure housing for homeless veterans in Pinal country, and create job and development opportunities for returned servicemembers in the solar industry. O'Halleran worked with his colleagues in Congress and local and state advocates to secure funding for new veterans homes in rural Arizona--one in Flagstaff and one in Yuma. Ground broke on the Flagstaff home in June of 2019. O'Halleran has also introduced additional legislation to construct veterans nursing homes on tribal lands. Caseworkers on O'Halleran's staff work tirelessly to return federal dollars and owed benefits to veterans and their families. 

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress