Social Security and Medicare

Tom has a proven track record of protecting Social Security and Medicare from those who support dangerous schemes to privatize the programs, hand them over the Wall Street or turn them into “vouchers.” He knows that Social Security is not an “entitlement program”—it is a commitment that has been made to America’s seniors after a lifetime of work. Over decades, America's workers and small businesses have paid into the Social Security trust fund, and now they should not have their retirement security threatened by politicians and special interests in Washington. Social Security is also crucial to the stability of our economy. That is why Tom will always fight against any attempt to privatize Social Security or reduce its benefits.

Many of the same politicians and special interests who would like to privatize Social Security also propose to end the Medicare guarantee. This would leave millions of American seniors struggling to pay the high cost of medical care and prescription drugs. This is unacceptable, and Tom O’Halleran will always fight against any attempt replace Medicare with a voucher scheme.


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Tom O'Halleran for Congress