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Tom believes that in order for our economy to grow, we must end policies that pressure middle class families and take action to create good-paying jobs. The deck has been stacked against middle-class families and small businesses for too long.  Hard-working Arizonans are having a hard time affording a basic standard of living, and many can no longer afford to send their own children to our state universities—that’s not right.

Tom’s economic policies are aimed toward boosting the economy and supporting the small businesses and hard-working families who drive our economy. By investing in education, job-training, research, and infrastructure, we can keep our competitive advantage as a state and country and prepare for the jobs of the future. To keep our competitive edge, we must also modernize our tax and regulatory system to foster innovation and replace outdated or burdensome regulations. It is also time for the American public, whose wages have remained stagnant over decades, to receive a well-deserved raise and equal pay for equal work. In the 116th Congress, Tom voted to raise the the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next six years through annual increases. The U.S. economy is prosperous, but its rewards are going to corporations and the rich—people who work for a living have been cut out of the deal. That has to change.

Natural resources and tourism are major components of Arizona’s economy. Tom O’Halleran has been a leader on forestry and water issues both inside and outside of the legislature, and led the effort to protect the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas from new uranium mining claims. He will continue his work to protect our natural resources for future generations and protect this vital part of our economy.

Tom believes that we must leave future generations with more opportunities.

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress