Tom's Ethics and Accountability Plan

When Tom was elected to Congress, he made a commitment to clean up Washington and end taxpayer-funded perks for elected officials and appointees at every level of government. Tom believes in accountability and transparency over all else. Always working to hear directly from his constituents, in 2019, he held more town halls than the entire Arizona delegation combined. In the height of COVID-19 in 2020, he hosted a weekly Tuesday night town hall on Zoom to stay connected with Arizona families. 
At the beginning of the 116th Congress, he introduced a package of five ethics bills to hold lawmakers accountable to their constituents. 
  • The No Ongoing Perks Enrichment (NOPE) Act: prohibit first-class flights for both members of Congress and staff, ensuring taxpayer dollars are not wasted. The bill also freezes Congressional salaries at current levels and would withhold salary pay from members unless a budget is passed. Additionally, the Act lengthens the lobbying ban for members of Congress and staff from two years to five years.
  • The Clean Legislating and Ethical Accountability Now (CLEAN) Act: ensures the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, which is currently required to be renewed every two years through legislation, remains permanently in place. The Act prevents partisan political attempts to gut the Office for personal gain. 
  • The No Outbound Flights for Lawmakers If Government Halts To a Stop (NO FLIGHTS) Act: requires the Speaker of the House to hold the House of Representatives in session every day during a government shutdown, including partial shutdown. The bill also prohibits official funds from being used for members' travel during a shutdown, which would inhibit Congress from leaving Washington, forcing them to work together to end it. 
  • The Protecting Defense Dollars Act: instructs the Department of Defense to send Congress quarterly reports detailing both the direct and indirect costs to the Department in support of presidential travel. The reports would include any costs spent on travel to properties owned or operated by the president and his or her immediate family.
  • The Taxpayers Don’t Incur Meaningless Expenses (Taxpayers DIME) Act: guarantees no taxpayer money is spent on government air travel that violates rules that apply to senior federal officials. The bill also increases transparency and oversight of government travel in general and instructs the Office of Government Ethics to identify ways to strengthen existing rules and protect taxpayer dollars.

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress