Tom O’Halleran Endorsed by State Legislators, Increases Early Momentum in Campaign for Arizona’s 1st District

An impressive group of nine Arizona Representatives and Senators today announced their strong endorsements of Tom O’Halleran for Congress in Arizona’s 1st District. O’Halleran has already received the endorsement of former prosecutor and candidate for Attorney General  Felicia Rotellini and former chairman of the Arizona Board of Regents and Democratic Nominee for Arizona Governor Fred DuVal. Since recently launching his campaign, O’Halleran has received an outpouring of support from leaders who share his commitment to strengthening the economy, investing in young people and reforming a broken Congress.

Tom’s latest endorsements include:

Sen. Lynne Pancrazi (LD04-Yuma)

Sen. David Bradley (LD10-Tucson)

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (LD02-Tucson)

Sen. Steve Farley (LD09-Tucson)

Sen. Ed Ableser (LD26-Tempe)

Rep. Stefanie Mach (LD10-Tucson)

Rep. Reginald Bolding (LD27-Phoenix)

Rep. Juan Mendez (LD26-Tempe)

Rep. Andrew Sherwood (LD26-Tempe) 

"We live in an incredibly diverse state, it is crucial that we have members of Congress who understand rural Arizona," said Sen. Lynne Pancrazi (LD04-Yuma). "In the legislature, we could always count on Tom to represent his constituents and all of rural Arizona well. In Congress, he will continue that service."

"Tom O'Halleran is a proven leader who focuses on solutions—not partisan games — and gets real results," said Sen. Steve Farley (LD09-Tucson). "I am proud to endorse Tom O'Halleran for Congress because he will always do what is right for the state of Arizona. We need his down-to-earth pragmatism serving us in dysfunctional DC.”

"Tom O'Halleran is the right choice for Congressional District One," said Sen. David Bradley (LD10-Tucson). "He shares my values of strong public schools, keeping children safe, and protecting our natural resources. That is why I am endorsing Tom O'Halleran for Congress."

"Tom O'Halleran's commitment to Arizona's education system was demonstrated during his service in the State Legislature," said Rep. Reginald Bolding (LD27-Phoenix). "There is no doubt that he will prioritize our schools in Washington."

"We need leaders who are principled, innovative, and driven," Rep. Andrew Sherwood (LD26-Tempe) said, "By fighting for all-day kindergarten and reform of Child Protective Services, Tom O'Halleran has demonstrated these skills sets. That is why I am endorsing Tom O' Halleran for Congress."

"Our state universities not only serve to educate Arizona's population, they are an economic engine that drives our economy," said Rep. Juan Mendez (LD26-Tempe). "Tom O'Halleran was a friend to our universities in the legislature, and he will fight for them in Washington."

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress