Rising ranks of uninsured fuel political healthcare debate

The sharp rise in the number of Arizonans without healthcare in the midst of a pandemic has made the faltering healthcare system and the Affordable Care Act a major issue in some campaigns…  The Democrats vying for votes in Northern Arizona say they want to protect and expand the ACA and warn that a Republican backed lawsuit could cost 300,000 Arizonans their healthcare coverage given the impending change in the lineup of the US Supreme Court…The same divide has opened up in the 1st Congressional District, represented by Rep. Tom O’Halleran.

The district includes southern Gila County, the White Mountains and the Navajo reservation as well as Flagstaff. O’Halleran, a former police officer, state legislature and school board member, have voted to expand the ACA to provide coverage to people making up to four times a federal poverty level wage while increasing the tax credit insurance subsidy across the board. O’Halleran’s Republican opponent — rancher Tiffany Shedd — supports repeal of the ACA, arguing it has increased medical costs.

By Peter Aleshire


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Tom O'Halleran for Congress