O'Halleran Highlights Law Enforcement Background, Bipartisanship in First Ad


Wednesday, September 5th, 2018




O’Halleran Highlights Law Enforcement Background, Bipartisanship in First Ad


Flagstaff – Today, Congressman Tom O’Halleran released his first campaign ad of the 2018 election cycle. In the ad, O’Halleran highlights his career as a homicide detective and undercover law enforcement officer and his bipartisan work in Congress to bring people together to advocate for the “No Budget, No Pay” bill.

View the ad here: https://youtu.be/GA4-5nWw2Lc


In the ad, O’Halleran says:

“Tyler is a police officer in Williams. And I was a homicide detective and an undercover officer. As law enforcement officers, we take our oath to protect and serve seriously. But Congress isn’t serving us. They haven’t passed a budget in over a decade. That’s why I kept my word and worked with Republicans and Democrats to write the “No Budget, No Pay” bill. To stop Congress from being paid if they can’t pass a budget. I’m Tom O’Halleran and I approve this message, because I’ll never forget who I serve.”


Tom O’Halleran represents Arizona’s First Congressional District in Congress. Tom has been proven to bring people together to get results for Arizona. He has been named one of the most bipartisan members of Congress by multiple publications and was recently called the House’s “Arizona Maverick” by Congressional Quarterly Magazine. Tom’s priorities are protecting Social Security and Medicare, fighting for better education funding, upholding our nation’s commitment to our veterans, and fixing the dysfunction and gridlock in Congress.



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