O'Halleran Demands an Apology and Answers From Rogers About Illegal Campaign Donations


Saturday, October 13th, 2018

O'Halleran Demands an Apology and Answers From Rogers About Illegal Campaign Donations 


FLAGSTAFF - Today, following a bizarre and fraudulent sting operation by field staff working to elect Wendy Rogers in Flagstaff to tie his campaign to the Communist Party, Congressman Tom O’Halleran called on his opponent and the state Republican Party to take the crime seriously and answers voters' questions.


“This week, my opponent and her supporters sunk to an all-new low in her 5th attempt to get elected. Wendy Rogers called an illegal campaign contribution made by a young man working to elect her a “juvenile stunt,” proving that she does not care about the rule of law and will green-light anything to get her campaign ahead. It is a shame, and she owes Arizonans an apology.


“My staff and I take this illegal activity seriously, and we working with relevant authorities to determine if charges should be filed after notifying the Federal Election Commission. When a crime is committed, especially by your supporters and campaign team, it should not be brushed under the rug as a “silly prank,” as Wendy Rogers calls it; it should be addressed completely.”


Since the passage of the Federal Election Campaign Act in 1971, making campaign contributions in another person’s name is illegal. This week, two men attempted to contribute $39.68 to the O’Halleran campaign under assumed names and purporting to be members of the non-existent Northern Arizona University Young Communists. These two men are active in Republican politics in northern Arizona and have worked to elect Wendy Rogers to the United States House of Representatives.


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