More State Legislators Endorse O'Halleran

Sedona – Democrat Tom O’Halleran today announced the endorsement of eleven current state legislators in his race for Congress in Arizona’s first district, which reaches from the Flagstaff and the Navajo Nation down to the Tucson suburbs of Marana, Saddlebrooke and Oro Valley. He has previously announced the endorsement of ten current and former legislators.

Sen. Katie Hobbs (LD24-Phoenix), Arizona Senate Democratic Leader:

"Tom O'Halleran has the right values to represent Arizona in Congress. He has a record of putting progress before partisanship and getting real results for Arizona. In Washington, Tom will protect Social Security and Medicare, work to make college more affordable, and fight for high-paying jobs."

Rep. Eric Meyer (LD28-Phoenix), Arizona House Democratic Leader:

"I support Tom O'Halleran for Congress because he will put aside partisan games and work for our state. In the legislature, Tom worked across the aisle to invest in Arizona's schools and pass CPS reform. We need more people like Tom in the state legislature and Congress." 

Rep. Rebecca Rios (LD27-Phoenix), Arizona House Democratic Whip:

“Congressional District One is an extremely large district with a very diverse population. Tom has the ability to represent the entire district.”

Sen. Martín Quezada (LD29-Phoenix), Arizona Senate Democratic Whip:

"We need leaders in Congress who will focus on the issues that will move our state forward. I support Tom O'Halleran because he understands the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform and in supporting our schools."

Rep. Albert Hale (LD07-St. Michaels):

"It is crucial that we elect Tom O'Halleran for Congress. Tom understands the issues that affect rural Arizona and what it will take to help our communities succeed. He has been a great partner to the sovereign tribal nations, and he respects our government and our people.”

Rep. Lisa Otondo (LD04-Yuma):

"Tom O'Halleran is the right choice for Congress in AZ-01. He is solutions-oriented, he understands rural Arizona, and he will respect a woman's right to make her own medical decisions."

Rep. Charlene Fernandez (LD04-Yuma):

"I support Tom O'Halleran because he values Arizona's schools and understands that we must invest in education if we want to succeed economically. Tom's commitment to this issue will serve Arizona well in Congress."

Rep. Ken Clark (LD24-Phoenix):

“I worked with Tom O’Halleran in his legislative days. Even across the aisle, he understood what bi-partisan problem solving really meant. Further, Tom is committed to overturning Citizens United and bringing the power of government back to people—ahead of out-of-state special interests.”

Rep. Mark Cardenas (LD19-Phoenix):

"Tom O'Halleran is a common-sense leader who will get things done. He has a great record of success, and he will put problem solving ahead of politics."

Rep. Jonathan Larkin (LD30-Glendale):

"Tom O'Halleran is the right choice for AZ-01 because he will make sure America honors its sacred commitment to its veterans. As a Marine and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I trust Tom to do everything in his power to take care of our veterans at home, and support those who are still serving."

Rep. Lela Alston (LD24-Phoenix):

"In the Arizona State Legislature, Tom O'Halleran fought for Arizona's children every day. He built a coalition that passed all-day kindergarten, reformed Child Protective Services, and invested in our schools. In Washington, Tom will always put the needs of Arizona first." 

Tom’s previous endorsements include:

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Tom O'Halleran for Congress