Letter: It's Personal

Because I care about my health, I cannot support politicians whose willful disregard of science continue to put me and my family at risk. Because I care about my economic future, I cannot support politicians who award tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations, increasing my tax burden and diminishing my net worth. Because I care about the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the earth I inhabit, I cannot support an administration that has eliminated 100 environmental protections. Because I care about my civil rights and personal safety, I cannot support a party that ignores the rule of law, violates the Constitution, and promotes violence against our citizens. Because I care about education, I cannot support Arizona politicians who defund public schools, denying the majority of our children, including my own, the teachers and programs they deserve. I can support Democrats up and down the ballot, including Joe Biden, Mark Kelly, Tom O'Halleran, Dr. Perez, and JoAnna Mendoza, because, like me, they care

Suzanne Mallamo

Oro Valley


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Tom O'Halleran for Congress