July 16 Update from Team Tom

Hi Friends,

I’m back to share another update on Tom’s work as he continues to fight for us during this continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Tom is laser focused on making sure that our elected leaders live up to their responsibility to protect Arizonans during this crisis. Last week, he joined his Arizona Democratic delegation colleagues in pushing for a state testing blitz, noting that while Arizona has by far the highest positive rates in the country, the state lags way behind in testing. This blitz should be especially targeted to provide community-based testing in regional hot spots and underserved areas.


Tom is also working to make sure that we are better prepared in the future. He introduced the State Stockpile Readiness Act of 2020 (H.R. 7507) to require that the Strategic National Stockpile remains stocked with the critical supplies needed to confront future outbreaks or the next pandemic.

Tom is also working to ensure that Congress increases flexibility in federal funding received by those most impacted by the pandemic. For example, he introduced H.R. 7557, a CARES Act extension for tribal governments that would permit them to spend funding allocated through the CARES Act until the end of 2022, instead of mandating that they spend all the CARES Act funding on a very short timetable or be forced to return it. Tom knows that this flexibility is necessary for tribal communities like the Navajo Nation and White Mountain Apache to recover and rebuild from the impact COVID-19 had on their sovereign nations. 


Don’t forget that if you want to keep Tom working on our behalf, please turn in your mail-in primary election ballots as soon as you are able to. Thank you and stay safe.

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