FRAUD ALERT: Arizona GOP Staff Commits Campaign Finance Fraud


Friday, October 12th, 2018


FRAUD ALERT: Arizona GOP Staff Commits Campaign Finance Fraud


AZGOP Staff Tries to Donate to O’Halleran Campaign Under Fake Identity


Flagstaff, AZ – This afternoon, two staffers of the Arizona GOP made a cash donation to the campaign of Democrat Tom O’Halleran under fake names. Within minutes, O’Halleran for Congress recognized the fraud, and visited the local AZ GOP at 2625 S Woodlands Blvd., #250 in Flagstaff to return the money. At the GOP Headquarters, campaign staff found the young man, who told them his name was Jose Rosales, but was referred to as Oscar by others in the AZ GOP office.

Oscar had assumed the false identity of Jose Rosales when giving the cash donation. His fraudulent forms can be seen below.  Video of our campaign's Finance Director Lindsay Coleman returning the donation can be seen here.


“We have seen nothing from Wendy Rogers and her Republican allies but deception and fraud,” said Ryan Mulcahy, campaign manager for Tom O’Halleran for Congress. “Wendy Rogers has skipped debates, aired false advertisements, and now her team has attempted to donate money to our campaign under a false identity in some misguided attempt to embarrass us. Wendy Rogers is the person who ought to be embarrassed. Fraud is illegal.”



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